Progress / Status Update of Project - Nov 2010

The Bui Hydroelectric Project is generally on schedule for completion in 2013.
1. Resettlement Issues
Resettlement Part B
Work is complete on all 170 housing units in the Resettlement Part B Township where the three remaining communities (Bui, Bator Akanyakrom and Dokokyina) are to be resettled.

Twenty-nine (29) households (156 people) out of a total of thirty-six (36) households (165 people) from Dokokyina have been resettled. The rest will be resettled shortly.

Livelihood enhancement program to restore lost economic activities and improve living standards in Project Affected Communities is underway.
Water supply systems (bore holes) are in place.  The construction of a 6-unit classroom block for primary has been completed. Works on the community centre are about 60% complete.  Construction of internal roads is underway and about 30% complete.

Resettlement Part A2
Construction of twenty-four (24) replacement housing units to replace the temporary houses provided earlier for four communities (Brewohodi, Lucene, Agbegikuro and Dam Site) is underway and about 40% complete.

2. Main Dam Area
Civil works at the dam are progressing steadily.  To date it is about 66% complete.

3. Power House
About 29% of civil works for powerhouse units 1, 2, 3 and the erection bay have been completed. The embedded parts are being assembled and erected. The installation of turbines and generators is yet to commence.

4. Downstream Permanent Bridge
Work on the downstream Permanent Bridge is about 80% completed.

5. Saddle Dam
Foundation excavation and improvement is underway for Saddle Dam #1.  Work on Saddle Dam #2 is yet to commence.

6. Transmission Lines
Physical demarcation of the transmission line corridor including related asset valuation by the Land Valuation Board is ongoing and about 30% completed.  Construction work has begun with bush-clearing within the transmission corridor.