BPA Donates To Communities

BPA has donated items, at two separate ceremonies, to communities around the Bui dam. The beneficiary communities include Jama, Bongase and Resettlement Part B Township.
In its first donation, BPA presented a 20,000-litre polytank, 2HP Pedrollo pump with accessories, a sollatek AVR and vatan copper cables to the Resettlement Part B Township for usage by the Bui CHPS compound, which was also constructed by BPA. 
The Director of Power Operations, Mr. Johnathan Odonkor, presented the items to representatives of the township who in turn presented it to the Banda Health Director, Jacob Munukpa, to receive on behalf of the Bui CHPS.
In a short speech, Mr. Odonkor stated that BPA was committed to enhancing healthcare delivery in the area, thus providing a clinic and also making available an ambulance for use by the communities in the area. He also lauded the self-help initiative by the community to contribute to facilities they need in the area and urged other communities to emulate the gesture
The Banda District Chief Executive, Mr. Jacob Boateng, in his speech, announced the formation of a Community-based Water Management Committee to manage an impending bulk water supply by the BPA. 
The Banda Health Director, Mr. Jacob Munukpa, on his part, was thankful to BPA for its commitment to enhancing the health care delivery in the area. The Director added that the ambulance procured by BPA for the use of the health centers within the catchment had undoubtedly enhanced health service delivery. He was hopeful that BPA will continue to assist in the healthcare delivery in the district. 

Director of Power Operations, Johnathan Odonkor, presenting the items to representatives of the Resettlement Part B communities. Looking on is the Banda District Chief Executive, Hon. Jacob Boateng (standing 2nd from left)

In a second donation, BPA presented jerseys and matching shorts, footballs and refereeing kits to Jama, Resettlement Part B Township and Bongase communities’ football teams. 
The External and Community Relations Manager, Salifu Wumbilla, presented the football kits on behalf of BPA to representatives of the communities’ football teams.
In a short speech, Mr. Salifu emphasized BPA’s appreciation of the communities’ continuous support for BPA’s activities and general collaborations including:
-    the successful implementation of the resettlement and community support program
-    the curtailment of the blackfly menace which previously posed a major nuisance to the residents living within the dam environs
-    the ongoing BPA Forestry Resources Enhancement Program, which was generally meant to control and protect against soil erosion, sedimentation and depletion of the vegetative cover in the Black Volta basin and the surrounding communities
He also hoped the football gala that preceded the donation of football kits will boost the already cordial relationships amongst the communities and between BPA and the communities individually and collectively. 
Mr. Salifu was assisted by assemblymen for Resettlement Part B Township and Bongase to present the trophy to the winning team, thus the Bongase community football team, who beat the Jama community football team in the finals. The BPA team had lost to the Jama team. 

External and Community Relations Manager, Salifu Wumbilla, (in green & white jersey) presenting football kits to the Resettlement Part B football team