Finance Plan

The funding for the Project is a hybrid credit facility comprising a Concessional Loan and a Buyer's Credit facility between Government of Ghana and EXIM Bank of China.

Concessional loan US$  263.5 Million
Buyers Credit US$  298.5 Million
Sub Total US$  562.0 Million
Government of Ghana Counterpart Funds US$    60.0 Million
Total Project Cost US$  622.0 Million





Additional Funding 

The Bui Project experienced a shortfall in project funding arising primarily from the unanticipated effects of the 2008 global financial upheavals as well as unforeseen essential works and the inadequacy of the budget provided for some line items in the EPC Contract, totaling US$168 million.

The Government of Ghana secured the additional funding in December, 2013 bringing the total Project cost to US$790 million.