Resettlement Communities

Phase A Resettlement Community
The Phase A Resettlement host community, Jama, is located about 4km from where the Bui Generating Station (Bui GS) has been constructed in the Bole district of the Northern Region. It has a population of about 1500 people (2006 statistics). The main livelihood of the people includes farming, fishing, hunting, livestock herding, charcoal burning and trading. Mos make up the majority ethnic group in Jama. Other minority ethnic groups include Asantes, Gonjas, Valaga, Malians, Banda, Dagartis and Ewes.

The Resettlement Township known as the Jama Resettlement Community has a population of 217 people from the four affected communities within the immediate environs of the Bui GS i.e Brewohodi, Agbegikuro, Damsite and Lucene. This group, whose predominant economic activities are farming, fishing and charcoal burning, had to be resettled first due to their proximity to the dam site and construction activities.

The four different communities at the resettlement site have elected two representatives who are regarded as the opinion leaders of the resettled communities. The opinion leaders work hand-in-hand with the Jama Chief and BPA to resolve grievances.

The cost of the infrastructure development at the Jama Resettlement Community is approximately $494,401, covering the following:

  • Community centre
  • Solar lightening system
  • Access roads
  • 3-Classroom nursery block
  • 2-hand pump boreholes
  • 50-housing units
  • Toilette facilities

Residents of the Jama Resettlement Community temporary resettlement site have been relocated to their permanent housing units as of June 2012. All the housing units have been connected to the national grid.

Jama Resettlement Community: temporary resettlement (left) and permanent resettlement (right)

Phase B Resettlement
This phase involved the relocation of three communities (Bator Akanyakrom, Bui Village and Dokokyina) who were originally settled within Bui Reservoir area.

Bator Akanyakrom has 63 households and a population of 437; Bui has 42 households and a population of 297; and Dokokyina has 36 households with a population of 165.

The three affected communities have a total households of 141 and a population of 899.

The Resettlement B township is located between Bongase and the Bui GS, thus about 2.5km from Bongase and 3.5km from the Bui GS.

This Resettlement Township was agreed upon by the representatives of the communities. BPA assisted the youth in the three affected communities to be employed as labourers, masons, carpenters, etc. during the construction of their housing units and social amenities. The employees gained extra income to add to their returns from the sale of farm crops and fish.

The planning scheme for Resettlement Phase B clearly shows three communities - Community 1 (Bui Village); Community 2 (Bator Akanyakrom) and Community 3 (Dokokyina).

Following a request by the affected communities, the arrangement of their houses at the Resettlement Township is a reflection of the house enumeration exercise carried out by Bui Power Authority in July 2009.

Bui Power Authority on June 8, 2011 handed over the  Bui Resettlement (Phase B) Township  to the local authorities and the three resettled communities.

Affected  Communities No. of   Household No. of  People
Bui village 42 297
Bator Akanyakrom 63 437
Dokokyina 36 165
Total 141 899

Aerial view of Phase B Resettlement Township