The Bui Power Authority (BPA) has successfully completed the full loading tests of the Spillway gates of the Bui dam. The tests were to check for the proper functioning of the Spillway gates against a normal head of water in the reservoir and also to assess the effects of any emergency water discharge on the dam toe and other structures downstream. All five gates of the Spillway were lifted to their maximum and the results were satisfactory.   

The water discharged during the test, as expected, remained below the river levels normally experienced in the rainy seasons prior to the construction of the dam. Nonetheless, the Authority identified and engaged extensively with all the communities and areas downstream from the Bui Dam to Buipe about the impending discharge of water before the commencement of the tests.  

The full loading tests had been deferred due to inadequate water levels since commissioning. 

The Spillway gates were designed to control the flow of water to ensure the safety of the dam and its structures and also protect lives and properties of inhabitants living downstream of the Bui dam. 

At the end of the 2015 inflow season, the Bui Reservoir had for the first time since impoundment reached an acceptable level for the conduct of the deferred tests.  

The water discharged during the tests has flowed into the Volta Lake to enhance power generation at the Akosombo as well as Kpong Generating Stations. 

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